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SUSHI! SUSHI!! SUSHI!!! It’s Friday after all….

In Japanese on 18 September 2009 at 11:58 pm

Sushi Pack

Sushi with green tea. Oh, what a treat! I am not a connoisseur of sushi nor can I rattle off stats about how many years sushi chefs are schooled or what the precise temperature should be of the sushi when it is served at the bar. I am just a gal who enjoys sushi and isn’t a pompous know it all for trying something “exotic” and “high class”. I hate that kind of snobbery over food. I could purchase luscious sushi on a DAILY basis, fish so fresh it was just HOURS out of being in the ocean and I didn’t need to tip valet, I didn’t need to know someone to get in the restaurant to get the best table and I certainly didn’t have to be in a certain financial bracket to hob nob with friends over fish, rice and other veggies. All I have to say is, “I lived in Japan” and that trumps ALL. And yes, I know how to use chopsticks and no they don’t all eat dog over there. I mean, you can eat dog here if YOU wanted but I am sure you won’t. Buuut everyone asks if they do that over there and I scoff at their small minded-ness. That’s like asking if all Americans wear big Texan hats. That’s like asking if all Americans are white…oooh, I think I will stop there. I may get myself in trouble and I am not one to argue over superficialities because I am beyond all that…well, to the point where people need to be corrected on how idiotic they are being.

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“Oh, you don’t eat that?”

In Beliefs on 11 September 2009 at 7:19 pm
Would you eat these?

Would you eat these?

So Big Hache was telling me how those of the Jewish faith don’t eat shrimp. I had no idea. Of course, I knew about the pork. I just didn’t think about shrimp, lobster, octopus and so on. That got me to thinking about food and the beliefs people have.

Couple of years ago, I went to China, met new friends of friends and we all went out to eat. One of the places we went to served turtle soup. As the dish was set out before us, I wondered why my Thai friends weren’t eating. Turns out that according to their beliefs turtles are considered gods OR the goddess they worship forbids the eating of turtle. I don’t remember. Not until I was trying the soup did I realize it was turtle soup. Not until I was out the restaurant did I realize that my new friends did not eat turtle for religious reasons. Way to go in offending people. Read the rest of this entry »

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