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Ponderings and Postcards

In Foodie, Obsession, Postcards on 17 July 2012 at 12:38 am

I ‘ve been thinking and rethinking about what I want Bamola to be. Knowing myself, I tend to be quite wordy and can easily toss out an essay jam packed with tons of words. Such essays would be “over think and over say” on my part. I want to avoid that at all cost. I desire to be concise in all things. Considering that, and all that I want to do with this blog, I feel this little project of mine will turn into a food photography blog with just a couple of words directing a hungry stomach to local or international restaurants or even introduce things I whip up in the wonderful place called THE KITCHEN.  We shall see.

I have also been considering a revamp of the over all look of the blog. For a while I have been checking out themes and I think I have found one I really dig. Without being too hasty I will ponder upon it a little more.

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Delicious, tantalizing postcards from Tasty Cards!

In Cooking At Home, Foodie catnip, Product Review, Recipe on 21 September 2011 at 12:43 am

What can I say? I love to photograph food and I especially like to see food platings and cafe settings. I also like to cook and am always collecting recipes of things I want to try at home. How do I satisfy this hunger even more and include mail into the mix? Enter Tasty Cards. I found out about this cool website when I registered on Postcrossing, a postcard exchange site that is pretty spiffy. I sent my very first postcard to Russia!

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