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A while back BigHache and I went to Pisco’s Restaurant for some scrumptious Peruvian food. Now, before that time, I had never had Peruvian cuisine. I did not know what to expect but I went because H suggested it as a good place to go and I wanted to know if llama and/or cuy were on the menu. I am so kidding…sorta.

So we get there and the place is practically packed. We grab our table near the door and decide on what to eats. When I go to a friend’s favorite-ish type of place I tend to go with what they suggest. In round 2 I make my own decisions.

So, from here on out I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Everything I ate was AWESOMEFANTABULOSOISHIIWONDERDULLYUM! Enjoy!

I guess I should help you out with the names of what I ate.

1) Yucca Frita is Yucca Fries. You will fight your mom for some of those if not all of them. That Huancaína Sauce makes you thankful to God that you got outta bed this morning to partake of such flavorful pleasures.

2) The Ceviche with the yams was heaven on a stick. Ceviched fish is the bomb! Get over the texture! You know you want some! Notice the gargantuan corn kernels in one of the pix? Amazing!

3) The Picarones with Honey are a doughnut type dessert that are beyond divine. You will know them when you see them. You will fight all your food-mates for the last one. Plates will be broken. Someone will be yelping for their mom! Read the rest of this entry »

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