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Betty Crocker Calendar

In Foodie catnip, Obsession on 2 February 2010 at 1:18 am

I admit it, readers. I am a freebie lover. I hunt freebies on the internets. I am always on the prowl. I am also a giveaway fiend. Thus far, from Twitter, I have won two books. AND, last week I won another from Facebook. I love my prowess. It should be commended with cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

The Betty Crocker (BC) calendar up there is something I found while hitting up the freebie circuit. I signed up for it directly at the BC website (seems they have some left til the end of February). Yeah sure they want me to get their newsletter but I has a special email account to where all that loveliness can go and not bog me down. I R SMART!

You are probably wondering what luscious food photography and recipes are inside. I can’t tell you. It isn’t because I am being an arse. It is because I don’t want to know until the new month starts. I CAN tell you that for January it was yummy Sausage Cheese Balls. For February it is Glazed Brownie Hearts. Mmmm. Might hafta make those…  Anyway, you might want to get one soon before ss cooks, bakers, and foodies wipe them out! Cheers!

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