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Happy Birthday, BAMOLA!

In Foodie, New York City, Restaurants, The Good Life on 5 September 2010 at 12:59 am

Yes, yes, my lil blog turned one today. For so long I have wanted to just post things that I ate and enjoyed. I have found that in creating and keeping this wonderful blog that I have come to appreciate many establishments in my city and in New York. I have come to settle for higher quality of foods going in my system as well as learn more and more about the restaurant business.

Also, my photography skills have inched up another level and I am very pleased with that. Some of the shots I have taken (and will eventually post) I am amazed with because the food wasn’t just food anymore. It became art and not just to my eyes but to others who observed my pictures as well.

Anyway, as one should do when celebrating, I’d like to thank my readers for coming by and scoping my shots and my quirkiness. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and humor with others because they usually get a good laugh or see something in a new light. I’d also like to thank BigHache for all the encouragement, camera techniques, and the nom. Without him I think my knowledge and taste buds would still be roaming around in the dark ages. I’d also like to thank 3M because without him at times I just wouldn’t be inspired to write or share my heart and passions. It has been my pleasure to crack him up! THANK YOU, guys!!!

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