We like to eat then tell you all about it!


Banana Mocha Latte is just a fun phrase I heard from an anime intro song. I don’t like Bananas! I mean, the taste is great but I don’t like the texture of a banana at all!  Although fried plantains are the bomb (thanks to my West Indian mother).

Mocha. I drink them but I dont really know what they are. School me if you like.  Another  reason for my use of the word Mocha is because I like to say it.

Latte. Don’t you feel special for saying that? Isn’t it a fanciful word almost like speaking some smooth sounding French? Well, latte isn’t a French word, it is Italiano based and it is one of the lightest coffees you can drink (my opinion) so I like the word.

By the way, I have NEVER had or even seen a banana mocha latte before. Does anyone make them? Are they good? Pix or it doesn’t exist!

So wait, Zee! (That’s my nickname). Where does this BAMOLA word come from??? Well, I can tell you one of three things.

1) It is an Indian surname. Indian as in East Indian and I have not researched the meaning of it to date. If you know, let us all know in the comments. I like comments.

2) My word usage of BAMOLA simply comes from Banana Mocha Latte. I will show you:

(BA)nana (MO)cha (LA)tte. See, there you go. It was right in front of you all this time. I had thought of using Nana Cha Tte for something else but meh. Keeping life simple is key to my existence.

3) Finally, BAMOLA! is what you get when your server slides your plate in front of you and that presentation makes you smile like a kid at Christmas. You KNOW that you are about to partake in some awesomeness in just a couple of seconds. BAMOLA! Your food looks fantastic and you are über excited! You are about to have some WOW in your mouth!

So, there you go. Banana Mocha Latte (aka BAMOLA!) is just a little food blog I have started that shows off food I put in my mouth and enjoy. You’ll get a little West Indian flavor, a ton of desserts and shots of coffee. Who knows, I might even TRY a Banana Mocha Latte just to report how it is. Maaaaaybe.

  1. Need to hear about more tasty culinary adventures soon!!!

  2. Love the name! And the reason behind it is so cute as well! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am signing up for your blog now – I love food. :)

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