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On The Fly Food Truck

In Food Truck, Foodie on 10 September 2013 at 4:34 pm

This is my second opportunity to try food from this truck and again I was NOT disappointed! Oh my goose! Their food is fresh and top notch. It is no surprise that they are so good as they have been voted as the Best of Jax 2012 via Folio Weekly.

I found them outside the new courthouse down on Jefferson and Adams Street this past Monday. Their menu is robust so you have many things to choose from. I’m telling you, dishes they offer are fantastic…the type of fantastic your tastebuds want again and again. Here are some pix of the truck.





This time around I tried their Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp Taco (on the right) and the Sweet and Spicy Fresh Avocado Toastado (on the left). This was an excellent, filling and yet light lunch for me. I gotta tell you, they don’t skimp on shrimp and the spiciness of the toastado was great. The portion sizes were enough for me and didn’t leave me still hungry or overstuffed. Each order had noms PILED on them. Along with a bottle of water I paid $9 for my meal.

I highly recommend seeking this food truck out. They are GOOD and the Jacksonville community knows it!

For more information check out their website: On The Fly Jax


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