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Ponderings and Postcards

In Foodie, Obsession, Postcards on 17 July 2012 at 12:38 am

I ‘ve been thinking and rethinking about what I want Bamola to be. Knowing myself, I tend to be quite wordy and can easily toss out an essay jam packed with tons of words. Such essays would be “over think and over say” on my part. I want to avoid that at all cost. I desire to be concise in all things. Considering that, and all that I want to do with this blog, I feel this little project of mine will turn into a food photography blog with just a couple of words directing a hungry stomach to local or international restaurants or even introduce things I whip up in the wonderful place called THE KITCHEN.  We shall see.

I have also been considering a revamp of the over all look of the blog. For a while I have been checking out themes and I think I have found one I really dig. Without being too hasty I will ponder upon it a little more.

Anyway, aside from blogging and eating, I have been writing and collecting…postcards. In the above pic are some food postcards I have received or purchased within the past 11 months. Being the foodie that I am and the quiet color lover that I at times deny to be, I have fallen DEEP into this postcard hobby and even in that have found food and drinks to collect via snail mail. My life is turning into the understanding, preparing, and presentation of food in various formats. It is kinda fun.

If you are interested in being obsessed with postcards and even getting ones from foreign countries, I HIGHLY suggest you check out Postcrossing.com. It is a wonderful project where you send out a postcard to a person and then you receive one from someone in a random country (maybe even your own). Thus far, at the time of this post, I have received over 50 postcards including some from Siberia, France, and China. This makes going to the mail box delightful instead of a groan-worthy experience.


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