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Cooking At Home: Yakisoba!

In Chicken, Cooking At Home, Grocery, Japan, Seafood, Vegetables on 14 August 2011 at 9:50 pm

While living in Japan I got to eat to my heart’s content of various meals from the Japanese cuisine. If you love your body and what you put in it consider eating the Japanese way. Along with daily bike riding to and from work, I consumed tons of FRESH vegetables, some meats such as beef, pork, fish/seafood and chicken and drank LITERS of green tea, water and acerola juice (I won’t mention the occasional chu-hai, sake, and C.C. Lemon). Even with all those various things my body was at its best. Clean eating = healthy living. I miss those days when I lived away from FDA approved processed crap. Now back in the States I try my best to get back to eating seaweed, sushi, fruits for DESSERT, and replacing soda with TRUE, LOOSE LEAF green tea. I forgot about the rice! Superior and excellent short grain Japanese sticky rice. YES! Oh, how I yearn to go shopping at Mitsuwa. I could drop over $100 there EASY no problem.
Anyway, one of the great things about Japan is that they love noodles. Like the Italians have their various pastas, Japan has their various noodles, and yes, some are ones they jacked from China like ramen noodles and they capitalized on it. Of the ones they sell I like what they use for yakisoba. It is thicker than ramen noodles and way thinner the udon noodle.

Basically yakisoba is Japanese-style fried noodles. I try to make it for the family every so often. Getting the ingredients isn’t difficult. Finding the right noodles though tends to be the challenge but is possible. Look for them at your local Asian food market or grocery store in the ethnic food aisle or just use cooked ramen noodles.

I use my electric wok and put just enough oil in for stir frying. After cutting about 4-5 boneless, skinless chicken breasts into nice bite sized chunks, I toss them in, lightly season and cook them til they are near done. I wash the wok and sautee the shrimp in a little olive oil until they are well done. After that I toss in mixed veggies of corn, carrots, peas and some onions. I also put in cabbage and let that cook down. Each of these I cook separately. It is just my preference.

Next I put in the yakisoba noodles. I make sure to break them up as they tend to cling to each other. They are fully hydrated and just need to be heated up. This is the brand I use: Maruchan Fresh Yaki-Soba. The pack holds 3 single servings and comes with seasoning. I don’t ever use it as it is way too salty. I check to make she everything is throughly cooked then proceed to the glorious sauce!

The magic to all this is the yakisoba sauce (Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce works well). I can season my chicken and the shrimp to my liking but this sauce is closer. It brings the entire dish together. I find when I make this my family comes back for seconds. I have to make enough for four men and two women (for my family of four) if that gives you an idea of the size of each batch I produce.

Here is a sample of yakisoba I made up close. Lots of veggies, you get some noodles and your protein. I encourage you to try to make this at home. It is super easy, keeps the kiddies full and is a one wok/pot dish! BAM! That’s it.


If you desire a more precise step by step recipe, check out Rasa Malaysia’s blog and recipe for yakisoba.


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