We like to eat then tell you all about it!


In New York City, Snacks on 10 August 2011 at 11:55 pm

When in NYC I go up into the crazy Bronx to visit family. And yes, I can call it crazy and YES I did live there at one time so I DO get to call it that. ANYWAY, along a particular blvd I seek out two things: The Chinese food down the street and this empanada. This empanada has burned a memory in my memory holder and has put upon me a tad bit of affection for the Bronx. It sums up the atmosphere and zing I get from walking the streets, buying the random things my grandmother requests.

Now, I have a rule when I buy my beef or chicken empanadas. I only purchase them from ONE person and one person only. He is an older Hispanic gentleman who sells these delicious fried pockets of goodness from a decent sized street cart. If he is not there or someone else has their cart out, I don’t bother. I believe I am drawn to his warm smile and pleasantness. He wears his white cap and longish white jacket each and every time. I roll up and say, “Emapanada carne, por favor.” He replies, “Si, si! One dollar.” I give a dollar and  my grateful “Muchas gracias”. He gives his smile and the transaction is complete. He is the only person in the Bronx I speak Spanish to when I see them. Granted that isn’t much Spanish AT ALL yet I reserve that just for him out of respect whether he sees it as a politeness or not. I stroll off getting lost in the crowds on the blvd and am thankful that that old man is still alive and hope to see him the time I trek into the Bronx.

Clearly this time around I got the beef one and it was delicious just like all the others I have had before. The buttery crispiness of the outside and the mild spiciness of the beefy inside add to my happiness. I’d buy two or three at a time but I know that one is enough per day and for my system.


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