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Sunrise and Lillie’s Coffee Bar

In Coffee, Restaurants, The Beaches on 1 January 2011 at 12:00 pm

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Sunrise and Lillie’s Coffee Bar

Happy New Year, my friend! Welcome to 2011. How did you open the year? I was personally determined to see the first sunrise of the year and so at 6am I rose out my warm bed and drove 45mins to Neptune Beach to watch the gradual rising of the first year’s sun.

The breeze was cool and the building colors in the sky were soft and becoming stronger. I am very happy I went. Makes me want to go to the beach every morning.

While I was going back to my car, I spotted a very nice coffee place called Lillie’s Coffee Bar. My curiosity led me into the door to which I was promptly greeted with “Happy New Year!”

The menu has much to offer for coffee enthusiasts as well as a breakfast sandwich menu for the early risers. I decided to have a vanilla latte and a scrumptious apple cinnamon muffin
that was so moist and delightful! When I go next I will have to try the mixed berry muffin. If you go make sure you order a muffin and ask to have it heated up!

After finishing my latte, I sat around for a bit absorbing the morning and the beach community and I loved it. The day was new and fresh and everyone friendly. I love taking
the opportunity to enjoy the passing moments. I think I will visit Lillie’s again to do just that.

Lillie’s Coffee Bar
200 First Street
Neptune Beach, FL 32011



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