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The French Pantry

In Breads, Dessert, Foodie catnip, Restaurants, Sandwiches, The Good Life on 13 December 2010 at 8:57 pm

There are very few places one can call “heaven on earth”. The French Pantry is one of them. This excellent, almost secret place is usually found by word of mouth and with alluring phrases such as “Everything is fantastic on the menu!” and “They make THE BEST French bread.”

I had the opportunity to go and yes, The French Pantry is that good. Located in what seems like an industrial alley the only way you can truly spot it is to look for the random line of people waiting to get inside (EDIT: Now there is a forest green valance on the outside saying, “The French Pantry”). With strict hours from 11:00 am – 2:00pm, you had better get there early, no excuses.

The inside eating area is small and decorated in a provincial, almost french country, style. Seating is limited and very closely situated. With what will soon cross your lips, you won’t mind. Being among fellow French Pantry enthusiasts, nodding your head at the sheer ecstasy you will be  enjoying will put any claustrophobic agitations to rest.

Having no clue what to try, I decided to go for the Turkey & Pesto w. Goat Cheese Sandwich. IT WAS DIVINE. The bread, perfect. The tang of the goat cheese, perfect. The freshness of veggies and the seasoning of the turkey ALL PERFECT. I had just had something exquisitely mind blowing and it turned my culinary / foodie life upside down! Even now I can think of nothing else that has come close to this quality of eating.

BigHache had the Rare Beef w. Boursin Sandwich and it looked pretty awesome as well. His expression said it all while he was enjoying it. I just might have to try it when I go back.

We devoured the gigantic, moist carrot cake slice and I was well pleased with the balance of sweet and pleasant. It was delicious and done right. A true palate-pleaser. Heavenly.

This little place makes you wonder where it has been all your life. I know that it has DEFINITELY changed my perspective on good eating. I have only been once but my taste buds have been begging me to go back and partake of something else on their menu. I am telling you, this place will rock your world!

If EVER in the Jacksonville, Florida area YOU MUST TRY THE FRENCH PANTRY. Missing out on this is almost a sin.

What we had:

BigHache’s Sandwich: Rare beef w. Boursin

Zee’s Sandwich: Turkey & Pesto w. Goat Cheese

Carrot Cake slice

The French Pantry
6301 Powers Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32217



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