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Little Saigon Cafe

In Chicken, Orange Park, Restaurants, Vietnamese on 3 December 2010 at 2:45 pm

While scoring some pizza in a plaza near by, Big Hache spotted a new Vietnamese place to try out. And I am very glad that we did.

Little Saigon Cafe is a casual Vietnamese-Asian Cuisine restaurant that seems to be doing it right. As soon as you walk in the door the aroma grasps you and you want the restaurant’s food in your belly NOW!

When going to a new spot I usually want to take it all in. That especially means the atmosphere. This evening there was a major college football game going on and the mini flat screen TVs were broadcasting it in all its glory. The place was almost empty except for a couple of other patrons enjoying their meals.

I can’t say that I am a beginner at consuming Vietnamese cuisine but I do have a lot to learn about it. Pho is awesome as are the seafood soup bowls but I keep trying to get back to these broken rice dishes (I’ll probably post more about those in the future). The spice is right and the meals memorable to me. This place didn’t have any broken rice meals BUT that doesn’t mean I won’t pester them about it!

Big Hache and I got two appetizers. Yes, I tend to cater to fried foods but honestly I am getting away from them. I said HONEST! We got Vietnamese egg rolls and the Spring Rolls. The latter is just what the healthy-minded people want and should look for on the menu. Served practically chilled and with fish sauce, these rolls are bursting with flavor from cilantro and mint. This is definitly a great way to prepare you for your meal.

Now, I have to say, what Big Hache and I got were equally great. He asked if I wanted to swap meals and I really should have but, no. I kept mine, enjoyed it and still wanted more. Next time though when I go to Little Saigon Cafe I am totally ordering what he got and will probably inhale it on the spot.

The Chicken Singapore Curry Noodles has a decent mix of curry, veggies such as onions and carrots, and Asian spices. Everything in it works so well and you will be thinking about this meal after it is all gone from your plate. The curry flavor is by no means overpowering but it is not only just right but enough for you to be satisfied and nod your head saying yeah, you chose well.

As you can see from my plate you get a healthy amount of white rice, great sized chicken & (fantastic) veggies portions and lots of curry sauce. I ordered my dish spicy so there are hot peppers up in there. That’s how I roll. Spicy hot and heat hot. That’s exactly how I roll! With mine, I do have to say there was a stronger curry flavor and it played well with the different veggies in it.


I have to give props to this place because for a rather new establishment they have it going on. The staff is open, humorous, and quite laid back. Their dishes aren’t a shadow of the authentic. They ARE authentic and taste hasn’t been thrown out the window. Again, I like the atmosphere there because you can roll in and eat. You aren’t made to feel like you have been transported back to a tiny Asian town to consume something sacred and rare. You are welcomed and expected to have a good time and a good meal and they are happy to serve you. This place gets the label of “TOTAL WIN”!

Little Saigon Cafe
1975 Wells Road Unit #4
Orange Park, FL 3203


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