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Happy Birthday, BAMOLA!

In Foodie, New York City, Restaurants, The Good Life on 5 September 2010 at 12:59 am

Yes, yes, my lil blog turned one today. For so long I have wanted to just post things that I ate and enjoyed. I have found that in creating and keeping this wonderful blog that I have come to appreciate many establishments in my city and in New York. I have come to settle for higher quality of foods going in my system as well as learn more and more about the restaurant business.

Also, my photography skills have inched up another level and I am very pleased with that. Some of the shots I have taken (and will eventually post) I am amazed with because the food wasn’t just food anymore. It became art and not just to my eyes but to others who observed my pictures as well.

Anyway, as one should do when celebrating, I’d like to thank my readers for coming by and scoping my shots and my quirkiness. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and humor with others because they usually get a good laugh or see something in a new light. I’d also like to thank BigHache for all the encouragement, camera techniques, and the nom. Without him I think my knowledge and taste buds would still be roaming around in the dark ages. I’d also like to thank 3M because without him at times I just wouldn’t be inspired to write or share my heart and passions. It has been my pleasure to crack him up! THANK YOU, guys!!!

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Now that the future of this blog is before me and I do have the hang of having a photo-blog I believe I will make a couple of changes. I’d like to write more about my experiences when encountering the foods I do. Also, I will be changing the look of the blog from an “extra! extra! read all about it” to something more minimalistic maybe? I am still in the planning stages for that. I have other plans I’d like to incorporated so I will let you happen upon those as they occur.

As with all my posts I love for there to be a visual pay off via pictures. One COLD evening in New York City a friend and I and his friends went to eat at a restaurant called PALADAR. There with our table being candle lit and Latin music playing in the background the concept of Zee having a food blog was birthed. It was perfect timing, too. I had just bought a Sony Cyber-shot camera to replace my Canon brick and I was living in NYC where the world goes to dine (at least that’s my thinking). In the picture viewer above I ate one of the most savory things ever in my life. The Chicken Picadillo Empanadas were scrumptious. The blend of spices was perfect and the taste just about mind blowing. I have NEVER tasted anything like it nor have I even found something similar. I yanked my camera out of my bag and proceeded to capture my plate. After the empanadas, I ate the Sauteed Chicken & Poblano ‘rajas’ Quesadillas. They were just OK compared to the luscious and spicy empanadas.

With those two plates and the friendly suggestion, I could see that I would be able to share my food passion with others. Maybe I could inspire people to see how amazing food is and that they can try new things in their life. We all need a little pizazz and excitement in our lives, don’t we? Yes, we do and we only live once!

Good food, good friends, good life! Here’s to more years of beautiful pix, funny stories, and traveling just for nom!


161 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002-1515

(212) 473-3535

*Cake pictures taken at The Brooklyn Diner. Shown are the Double Layered Coconut Cake and the Strawberry Blonde Cheesecake. HIGHLY recommended!!!

** I am reading through reviews online and some are saying that Paladar has changed into a full fledged bar and there is new management. I will morn the loss of those fantastic empanadas if they are no longer on the menu!

  1. Why thank you for the props! Though I came in second in props delegation? wtf?! hahaha girl, you know I love your blog. i’m so not a foodie, but looking at your pics and hearing your tales makes me interested. right now, i want some empanadas! fly up here and let’s get some!

  2. and p.s., HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BAMOLA! I remember when you were born, and I was one proud parent! Z and I looked at you with nothing but love. :) Keep it up!

    • I have to confess, I was never a foodie until I went to Japan. You already know this. However, after seeing that I could use a camera to catch some pretty good food plating AND physically taste the art before me, I was sold.

      I truly believe that food is an experience and should be shared. Sustenance first then passion next. Every single one of us HAS to eat so shouldn’t we enjoy it when we can? Shouldn’t we make sure that others have something they can eat, too? This is my thinking.

      I’d love to fly up to NYC and get these empanadas right now. You know I go to NYC to see you and to eat. Forget the shows and Time Square! I want to eat. NOW. Make it happen!

      BAMOLA! says thank you and appreciates that you have been there right from the start. Now that infancy is over it is time to kick it up a notch!


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