We like to eat then tell you all about it!

Silly rabbit….

In Random on 4 April 2010 at 9:25 pm

I had a dream that me and the food buddy were checking out this Chinese restaurant in China. The place was huge. Had like 100’s of people at all at the tables. Reminds me of a dimly lit beer hall in Germany. Anyway, the tables were this thick dark lacquered wood like industrial picnic tables.

So, we are sitting there, waiting, and no one comes to check on us. Finally someone does. A girl asks us if we want dessert. For whatever reason I start talking to her in Japanese. I get some chocolate mousse thing. Looked like CRAP when they brought it to the table. As I am looking at the dessert this other waitress comes and asks me why it is taking me so long to order the entree. “The cooks in back are calling you fat.” Anyway, I look at the menu and choose something at the top of the list. “B????? and Blue Moon Beer.” I make a comment to the food buddy that he can have the beer, I just want the entree (but I don’t recall what it was). Then I woke up because someone run the door bell :/

The moral of my story? Don’t eat pizza and a pork chop followed by coffee before going to sleep. Even in your dreams you call yourself fat and end up with crap food from mean cooks in the back.

*Tell me about your random food-infested/food-induced dream*


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