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Sangaria’s Milk & Coffee

In Drinks, Japan on 10 January 2010 at 3:32 pm

Thanks BigHache!

While living in Japan, I sorta became accustomed to Japanese-style coffee. I did find most of their coffees to be extremely powerful in that it was very strong in taste. Let me take that back. It was INTENSE. At times, too much fuel for me! Wide open throttle! Though I could NEVER drink their coffee black, it did pack quite a punch. If at all possible I shied away from black coffee and tended to drink stuff like the one in the pic. I guess you can say I like mild coffees, especially the type Japanese offer because the taste is just so unique to me. By the way, I have found in my travels that if you order “American coffee” at cafes in Thailand or in Japan you will get some WEAK, watered down coffee. So sad. I wonder if that is intentionally done to make the local coffee seem much more superior. Anyway…

I like “dessert” coffee. Milk and some sugar,please. The Milk & Coffee fits my desire in both areas. I wish I could explain it in a better way but when I drink this it reminds me of cold Japanese winters, the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture, and being at peace with my environment. It is refreshing, served cold, and a delight. To be able to get it here in the US is awesomeness to the Nth degree! Not overly sweet and not bombarded with thick creamer or dense milk, this drink is light and pleasant. Think the opposite of a Starbucks vanilla frappuccino that you can get at a gas station. Milk & Coffee doesn’t force you to turn around and guzzle down a half liter of water. It is just “ahhhhhhh” (: I probably could drink two of these in one day, no problem. I love Sangaria’s ミルク&コーヒー!

Do you have a favorite chilled coffee drink you like to get? Don’t worry, I won’t hate you for saying Starbucks.  I like their vanilla frapps once in a while but when I need some Japan in my system this is one of the things I want!

*Oh, and there is NO alcohol or any form of sangria in this. Sangaria is the name of the company, in case you were wondering. They are the ones who make the Ramune sodas, too.

  1. Love this coffee as well from the first time I tried it! Just don’t know where I find a box for a reasonable price (less than $3 per bottle). Do you have an idea?

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