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The Döner House

In Cake, Dessert, Drinks, Restaurants, Sandwiches on 29 December 2009 at 5:08 pm

You know how you crave something so much that you’ll be on your utmost good behavior to get it? I did that. The word “schnitzel” was spoken and like an attentive pup, I did what I was told so I could get some much needed schnitzel and maybe spätzle. There was only one problem. The place closed down!!! It is GONE. NO MORE! Ceases to be in existence on this current plane of reality. Believe me I was bummed.

Wanting to make sure that it was really gone, BigHache and I walked in and asked. It was true. No delicate German chocolate cake as a wonderful follow-up to the hearty meal we imagined. That cake was awesomeness twice squared! Simple, refreshing German chocolate cake with a light cream…ugh. WHY!!!!??? I really wanted that schnitzel, yo! And caaaake!

So what do you do when change arises? You roll with it. The Döner House. They serve kebabs and a couple of other things like tabbouleh, goulash and soup in a bread bowl (which I heard was fantastic by the way). We got the Döner Kebab. Scroll up and look at the first pic again. Yeeeeeaaaaah!

VEGGIES! You see that goodness?  You remember what they are right? For those of you running to fast food filling your gullet with chemicals and mere shadows of REAL FOOD, you’d do good to get an authentic, real lamb and veggies in you. You TASTE the difference. The pita was so soft, light, and tasty. The olives had a light saltiness to them. The lamb and beef combo was done just right. No chewing marathon on the strips of meat. So tender, well marinated and savory. Lettuce, tabbouleh, and red onions for a kick…you want to try one of these! Each one is made fresh to order and it hits the spot. It was a great filler-up for the chilly night that Wednesday.

After the wonderful meal, we had cappuccino. This cappuccino was excellent. Served in these mini-sized mugs (typical of how some European coffees are served), the taste superceded what I imagined a cappuccino should taste like. The owner told us that he had tried other coffee brands but decide to stick to the LavAzza brand and I am glad he did. Strong & rich, it was well worth the try. All of it in fact. I think I will try the chicken kebab next time. Will probably get some baklava and an espresso, too.

The Döner House 5711 Bowden Rd Ste 7 Jacksonville, Fl 32216


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