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Bowl of Pho – recon

In Restaurants, Soup, Vietnamese on 27 December 2009 at 10:17 pm

Today was a cold day which required a satisfying, warm bowl of soup to stir the innards. I ventured to Bowl of Pho to try their wares.

The place was bustling with customers and servers running to and  fro. I think I was actually not helping by showing up by myself this day, but I was doing  recon. I received a few somewhat frantic looks like, “where are we gonna put this guy?” I was asked, “can you wait a minute?” Sure, no problem.

A family had just finished and bus boys were on the move. One guy took a small two-top and carried it outside. I was thinking, “Are they gonna stick the round-eye outside in the cold?” No, the table came back in. I don’t know what moving it outside did.

I was seated at a booth and was asked for my drink order. Drink? Let’s get this thing on! Hot tea. Stewed beef with French bread. Egg roll app.

In a few minutes my server came back with two delectable fried egg rolls (shush Zee) and a sauce I was not privy to from other Vietnamese establishments. The rolls were small so they’re a good sample for two that are not famished, or good for one to take that edge off. The sauce was spicy and sweet, and added a nice contrast to the steaming egg rolls.

Then it arrived. Stewed beef with French bread. My favorite from Vietnamese restaurants on a cold day. It was no less than incredible. The beef tasted fresh and healthy. The broth was truly fantastic. Fresh onions. Carrots.

The hot tea was jasmine. Not my favorite, I prefer oolong, but sometimes you gotta make due.

Bowl of Pho has earned the status of my new favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Jacksonville. This after tasting from Saigon Time, Pho Cali, P.K. Noodles, and the late Saigon Bistro. Zee is gonna LOVE this place.

-Big Hache

Bowl of Pho
9902 Old Baymeadows Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256-8103
(904) 646-4455

  1. This is the weather for Pho. I could use an ultimate bowl of goodness right now. I look forward to this place truly blasting the others out the water!! My taste buds are ready!!

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