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SUSHI! SUSHI!! SUSHI!!! It’s Friday after all….

In Japanese on 18 September 2009 at 11:58 pm

Sushi Pack

Sushi with green tea. Oh, what a treat! I am not a connoisseur of sushi nor can I rattle off stats about how many years sushi chefs are schooled or what the precise temperature should be of the sushi when it is served at the bar. I am just a gal who enjoys sushi and isn’t a pompous know it all for trying something “exotic” and “high class”. I hate that kind of snobbery over food. I could purchase luscious sushi on a DAILY basis, fish so fresh it was just HOURS out of being in the ocean and I didn’t need to tip valet, I didn’t need to know someone to get in the restaurant to get the best table and I certainly didn’t have to be in a certain financial bracket to hob nob with friends over fish, rice and other veggies. All I have to say is, “I lived in Japan” and that trumps ALL. And yes, I know how to use chopsticks and no they don’t all eat dog over there. I mean, you can eat dog here if YOU wanted but I am sure you won’t. Buuut everyone asks if they do that over there and I scoff at their small minded-ness. That’s like asking if all Americans wear big Texan hats. That’s like asking if all Americans are white…oooh, I think I will stop there. I may get myself in trouble and I am not one to argue over superficialities because I am beyond all that…well, to the point where people need to be corrected on how idiotic they are being.

Sushi Pack2

ANYWAY, It is FRIDAY and for some reason at 2pm on the last working day of the week (well, American week), I crave up a storm for ice cold sushi. Sushi that has been in the back of the fridge. Sushi that has a HUGE dollop of “to clear ALL your sinuses eat this!” wasabi waiting for me next to the strangely  pink ginger and somewhat salty soy sauce. THAT is my favorite type of sushi. What’s that you say? I didn’t name my favorite type? My bad. You are right. I like sushi that has shrimp and I like sushi that has eel. I may go into detail about the different types of the two but maybe later. Just know those are my faves.

Now, in saying all that, I do not mind skipping up to the sushi bar, ogling the beautifully displayed red snappers and other fish and octopus on ice, going over the long papered menu thrice and watching that sushi chef create something I will enjoy for a good 7-10 seconds. There is a true difference between the prepackaged sushi you get at the grocery store and sushi you are royally served in a restaurant. VAST difference. Sometimes you have the time and the money and sometimes you don’t.

Oh, you want to know the difference? One word: QUALITY. Quality of ingredients. To me, if the rice looks translucent in the sushi roll. I am not buying it. If the fish starts looking old-ish, I am DEFINITELY not buying it. If the avocado is starting to brown, I ain’t buying it…and so on. I like sushi. The mix of flavors with hot tea settles me into a state of “Ahhhhh.” Life is good. This is wholesome. I think when you get off work and you have time to decompress and rest that “ahhh” feeling kicks in. That’s what sushi does for me and that’s how Fridays seem to be. So that’s why I try to have Sushi Fridays.

Mr. Tiny Red Bear does not like wasabi but has made his selection for the evening.

Mr. Tiny Red Bear does not like wasabi but has made his selection for the evening.

Thanks to Big Hache and Mr. Tiny Red Bear for this outing.

  1. haha seriously, your writing cracks me up. i love it. and you’re right. you aren’t, nor will EVER be a connoisseur. because in french you can only ever been a connoisseuse. :)

  2. Oh no you didn’t! You schooling me in French on MAI blog?! Now, I have to go study the pronunciation of connoisseuse and dominate in using that word all the time in all conversations. See what you have made me do? Haha. Merci! Glad you enjoy my writing by the way! Thank you!

  3. Ah! I was in Japan for 2 weeks (like 5 years ago, but whatev) and the sushi that we had over near the fish market – to DIE for. Ugh, can’t beat fresh seafood at all.

    Thanks for following me on Twitter – I totally feel like we are kindred spirits. Except you are experiencing much more of Japan than I did and it makes me JEALOUS.

    HAHA HOW’S THE DOG TASTE? You see what I did there. Ah I crack myself up.

    Also, your before link is DANGEROUSLY close to the “Notify me of follow-up comments” check box. So it sent me back one blog post and I nearly had a heart attack because I thought I lost my witty comment. WHEW. Good thing it didn’t! Wittyness POSTED

  4. It’s amazing how fresh and awesome the fish is in Japan land. I ate like a king over there. I actually lived there in Japan from ’02-’04. I NEED to go back. NEEEED! My body was at its best and I blame the food for that. Haha.

    It is my pleasure to follow you on Twitter. I need witty, sensible, and adventurous people in my life. Those who think catch my attention,too. I do not like lemmings.

    I’d totally try dog. I am not kidding. I am a dog lover, too so it is a paradox. Some may try to rain down hell and damnation on me for that but what does it matter? On the other side of the planet people are ticked with those who eat cattle. :/ It is a no win situation. By the way…I tried horse…never again. It was raw and chewy and all I could think of was Black Beauty going down the hatch!

    My apologies for the link location. Free blog from WP = no control over the positioning of stuffs (to my knowledge). Very glad your post wasn’t lost. I needed a laugh this afternoon. My thanks to you! (^__^)v

  5. You know what, I own two dogs and if I had the chance to try dog in another country….I probably would. I know, I’m sure a lot of people would flip out over it.

    I’ve had llama and guinea pig before (in Peru) so, I mean, it’s just perspective you know? Over there they’re not pets, they’re livestock.

    I desperately want to go back to Japan too. They’ve actually grasped the concept of proper portions of food. Plus I’ve always loved Japanese cuisine so it was heaven for me. I totally lost weight when I was there too, so it was, like, a multi-purpose vacation.

  6. I’d try cuy and llama. You only live once, right?

    I miss the Japanese cuisine and portion size as well. In coming back to the states it was difficult for me to eat in restaurants. I was full off of HALF the dinner plate. In Japan I ate more fish, veggies and fruits than I ever did at home. I am trying to get back to that. I truly miss the Japanese foods I got at the market. I want to get away from the hi fructose corn syrup because (in my opinion) it is what causes that food coma along with a hefty stake. I like organic foods because I can eat a lot and feel at peace, not like I need to be rolled into bed or that there is a brick in my gut.

    I need to get back to Japan. I am positive that the huge Horai 551 nikuman are popping up everywhere for fall and winter!

  7. Babe, I effing love your blog. I love your view and word choices and descriptions. Keep rockin!

  8. When words click, the paragraphs flow. I believe my personality and sense of humor take over and I get these half wild posts to deliver to you. I crack up at my own stuffs. My own personal wants and schedule force me to crave this, post about that, think on a couple of things. I likes it that way.

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