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Time for hearty soups!

In Dessert, Restaurants, Soup on 15 September 2009 at 4:03 am

Olive Garden Soup

Fall is rolling in and to me that means a couple of things: crisp air, hoodies, hot chocolate, and one pot meals! Mom usually starts making her organic chili filled with dark red beans, gorgeous stewed tomatoes, seared steak or ground beef, tons of Vidalia  onions, and maybe fresh celery. Man that sounds savory! She also fixes some buttered- up Jiffy cornbread!  Whoo yeah! I know, how “southern” of me. Whatever! We eats down here in da south!

The above is (er… was) an excellent bowl of Minestrone soup from Olive Garden. I rarely get to go there but when I do I usually order their Soup, Salad and Bread sticks deal. Seems the price went up but no matter! I know I will be full after downing two bowls of hot and yummy soup, four soft bread sticks and a bowl of salad with a couple of salty, black olives. Full to the max! I just took a peek at their menu, too. They have Pumpkin Cheesecake! Oh, baby! Maybe it is time to make a visit!

Do you have any traditions for the fall? What do you like to eat during this season? I want to try my hand at some nabe this year but we shall see.

  1. First, I fucking love Olive Garden. Omg, I have been drinking wine tonight, and I’m so starving right now. Your descriptions are driving me wild! lol Second, your descriptions are driving me wild! I might go over to Georgia Diner right now and eat!

  2. Aside from God creating people, then nature (and animals), FOOD is one of the greatest gifts He could hand over to us. It is a pleasure to taste and enjoy fruits and veggies and some random meat! My food descriptions are simply my delighted taste-buds reporting back on the goodness they were able to enjoy. I hope one day that I can help feed others who haven’t had the chance to eat the things I have eaten in this life. If you need ideas on what to eat or try making, BAMOLA! can help with that. ^__^

  3. fresh apple cider …

  4. I’m certain BAMOLA! can help! haha

  5. The soup looks yummy and healthy.I need one right now^^It is getting cold here.Please come to our town in Japan,Olive Garden!!!!
    By chance I soaked dried tomatoes in boiled water and I am drying them naturally.In one hour I will put them in olive oil.I have to enjoy Italian soup tomorrow like you do.What a coincidence!

    • Whoever came up with soups for winter time was a genius!! They can be so filling and warm you up. I love eating soups and having biscuits, too. Actually, tonight my mom is making one of her soups. She uses a lot of vegetables and sometimes chicken or beef. One pot of the soup lasts us two and a half days! It is so good. I will have to get her recipe.

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