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Incoming psychic vision! A steam cake is on its way to me!

In Cake, Obsession, Snacks on 13 September 2009 at 3:17 am


I don’t know about you but I love me some Japanese snacks. Of course, it all started with Pocky then when I got to Japan it exploded into an extravaganza of “MUST TRY THIS! MUST TRY THEM ALL!”

I believe this fascination with Japanese snacks started while I was in college. Hitting up the Asian food shops, perusing the shelves in hopes of finding something that would fascinate my taste buds… I miss those times. At one point I even expanded it to where Fridays were my day to seek out something new and experience it for my own tasty satisfaction. You can only guess what level of wild I went while in Japan land.

Steamcake 2

Steam cakes, oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways. *Chomp* Your sweet taste *chomp* light and fluffy texture *chomp* they please me. Om nom nom nom!

The Ginza Kimuraya steam cake, by far, has been the best one I have ever wrapped lips around. It makes me feel like I have been a good little girl. It tells me that it is far superior to crumbly, $1 cookies from the dollar store. Getting one of these cakes in my hands takes me back to spring in Japan. It is tea time and the cool breeze gently blows, playing  with my hair and the sun shines brightly just for me because I, a worshipper of the steam cake, am in the possession of said steam cake. Mmmmm.

You must try one. Not mine! Get your own!

Currently looking for an easy recipe to create my own steam cakes

  1. HAHAHA My lord, I love the creative language! lol Not sure I know what a steam cake is, nor that the name would make me interested (sounds like a half-baked cake with batter falling out), but YOUR description makes me want to try one.

    • Instead of these beauties being baked in an oven they are steamed. Kinda like how dim sum is prepared. It’s all air baby! I am gonna look through the French dessert cook book you so kindly gave me. Maybe there is a recipe in there for this very thing. Mmmm. If you want one, ask one of your friends who might frequent a Japanese grocery store to pick you one up. These babies are mildly sweet, light, fluffy and won’t toss one off any type of diet a they might be on. Go great with tea and coffee, too!

  2. Um, I have no friends here familiar with Japanese cuisine. I’ll need you to move back, thanks.

  3. I nominate you, Matt, to go get lost at St. Mark’s Place and discover Japanese stuff on your own. At least you won’t be thousands of miles away and other locals will be in there in case you become bewildered or confounded Haha. Sunrise Mart is a great place to start :) After you accomplish this feat MAYBE I will move back.

  4. I’m with you here on this one.. These frequent $1000+ trips to Japan just to get my hands on some Ginza stem cakes is really hurting my pocket.. lol Where can I find these in the USA or how to make them? I need to know!!

    • Hey Stephanie!

      Aren’t those things AMAZING?!! Mmmm. When I left Japan I missed them soooo much. In my city there is a Japanese grocery store that actually carries them. Total WIN! Now, I have searched online for recipes but have been too chicken to try any of them. Many call for ingredients I have never seen before. Just what is Castor sugar?? :/ Anyway, most sites seem to point to Chinese steam cakes. I have no clue if they taste anything like Ginza’s. Here is a WordPress blog that seems to have different types. Worth a shot…maybe. http://amandalwh.wordpress.com/2008/03/ I’d love to find an honest-to-God Japanese baker and have them teach me how to make Japanese style steam cake. I’d open a shop and just make these forever and ever amen! So good. If you find a recipe you like lemme know. Ja-ne (^__^)v

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