We like to eat then tell you all about it!

In the beginning there was food…

In About on 4 September 2009 at 6:36 am

P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wrap Stuff > Chicken

I love food. It is a healthy obsession and I don’t deny that I love to eat A LOT (the joy of it, not the quantity). I also like photography. With these two passions combined, I shoot what I eat and end up showing to everyone what I got to put in my tummy. Mmmm, don’t be jealous.

This love affair with food has been with me all my life. As a kid I was smitten with cookies and Hostess Apple Pies. Later, I became chief baker in my mum’s kitchen and was known through out all the land as the Queen of Cakes! Actually, just the fam knew me as the cake maker and would demand I bake cakes. Same difference. I think even now, if I had the chance, I’d open up my own bakery. German breads, tiny cheesecakes, luscious apple pies…DIVINE!

It wasn’t until I went to Japan that I became enthralled with how my food looks on my plate and that I should thoroughly enjoy and take heed of what I put into my body. My beautiful friend T got me hooked on photographing my food and loving how the colors on my plate created gorgeous art work and tasted as good as it looked. I am eternally grateful for her and helping turn my passion into a life long hobby. She made me into a FOODIE!

So from my mom’s kitchen, to the coastline of Japan and back, I snap, eat and share with others the goodness that can be found on a plate or even on the streets (because I love street vendors). Welcome to BAMOLA!

  1. haha I love that, Queen of Cakes. Sounds cool. I think you should go to culinary school. See what becomes of that.

    • Perhaps after SOMET I will do that. I love appetizers and breads and pastries. Refining those specific skills would rock!

  2. I really LOVE the layout you made. Brava!

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